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Presentations of long term utility
File system performance
Mount bind
Remounting NSS subdirectories
Linux backups
Ethernet for professionals
TCP from the wire up
TCP a network process
Time keeping
Systemd best practice
LVM2 in English
PKI (certificates) tutorial
Apparmor demo
An introduction to IP
Intro to Apache web server
Configuring Apache web server
Hiding Tomcat behind Apache
High Availability Clustering
GW2014+Messenger into HA cluster
GW admin ReST API  2014 2017
Apache v2.2 with TLS v1.2
POSIX email v2.9 with TLS v1.2
About Apache mod_userdir
IPtables & blocking the bad guys
New Protocols HTTP/2 and TLS v1.3
HTTP/3 in plain language
Let's Encrypt introduction v2
SSL/TLS for system admins v2.1
Solr/Lucene on-premise Search Service

Visuals from Novell Brainshare/Brainstorm series
UK:  1999 2000 2001    US:  2000 2002 2003 2004 2005
Old Novell file archives Kermit Development and Lan Drivers
Kermit oral history links: video text   Computer History Museum: link
Kermit source Packet drivers ODI Other drivers
Misc apps Misc files

Additional resources
Micro Focus: https://www.microfocus.com/
Novell: https://www.novell.com/ old address
Mindworksuk: https://mindworksuk.com/ Computer and Networks Training
Netlab1.net: OES web facilities

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